7 Ways to Supercharge Gmail with Mailbutler


If you’re a Gmail user, you’re probably familiar with the recent redesign of Gmail’s interface, which gives the no.1 popular email service a refreshing makeover and introduces a number of smart features.  Gmail is easily one of the best email services with its advanced functionalities and powerful search. But it’s still far away from being the perfect email organizational system that pushes the concept of email forward in 2018.

If you’re a Gmail user and you’re looking for ways to boost your inbox productivity – you’re in for a treat! Read on and discover our 7 favorite ways to instantly supercharge the new Gmail – powered by Mailbutler for Gmail.

Mailbutler adds great new features to Gmail

Mailbutler for Gmail is a handy Chrome extension that boosts email productivity to the next level, with supercharging features to help you manage your emails in no time. 

The latest version of Mailbutler (2.2) joins the new Gmail to get a full facelift – all of Mailbutler’s features are seamlessly integrated with Gmail’s Material Design interface. 


Once Mailbutler is installed, the first thing you’ll spot is the mint green compose button. This means Mailbutler is now up and running!

1. Get read receipts in Gmail


With Mailbutler added to your Gmail, you can stay informed when, where, and how often your email has been opened or a link has been clicked. A single tick means it’s not yet opened – a double blue tick means it’s been read. Tracking details can be accessed through a single click on the checkmark icon.

Tip: You can sync Mailbutler to Slack and receive real-time notifications of your tracked emails straight from our Slack bot.

➡️ Find out what happens after you hit send

2. Schedule your emails for later

You can optimize your delivery time and date with Send Later feature, which can be found right next to your normal ‘Send’ button:


Send Later is a must-have for every Gmail user who wants to manage their emails more flexibly. With Mailbutler, you can write and plan your emails ahead of time and send them anytime – even when you’re offline.

➡️ Write now, send later in Gmail

3. Add a professional email signature


Enhance your emails and sign off professionally with an email signature. With Mailbutler, you can quickly create a signature in less than 5 minutes and insert them directly to your emails.

➡️ Leave a lasting impression with email signatures

Extended reading: Complete guide to create a professional email signature

4. Use message templates to save more time


Breeze into a professional and productive email routine with Message Templates. Simply insert your pre-written message when you compose a message and save time writing repetitive emails.

➡️ Say goodbye to copy-and-paste with templates

5. Insert notes, tasks and follow-up reminders

Sometimes an email requires a little memo to mark down important details; other times, emails are turned into actionable to-do’s. With Mailbutler, you can do both!


  • Add notes to your emails that are private to you or sharable with your team
  • Add tasks to your emails and set reminders
  • Never forget a conversation again by attaching follow-up reminders to outgoing messages

➡️ Post-it notes and reminders for your emails

6. Sync Gmail with your favorite productivity app

Your new productive workflow starts in your inbox – but doesn’t end there!


Mailbutler 2.2 comes with brand new integrations to your favorite productivity apps: Trello, Slack, MeisterTask, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Tasks… and so much more.

With Mailbutler’s extension for Gmail, your emails can be easily turned into tasks and seamlessly integrated to your task manager app.

➡️ Mailbutler’s complete list of productivity integrations

7. Use Gmail in a team


For those of you working with Gmail in a team – Mailbutler for Gmail can help you harness the power of teamwork easily within your inbox.

With Mailbutler’s extension, teams working together can share the same email signature designs and message templates within their Gmail inbox. You can also collaborate on tasks and emails by sharing notes and reminders within the team.

➡️ Power-up your team productivity with shared features

Step up the game with Mailbutler for Gmail

Those were just a few things that Mailbutler can do. Our latest 2.2 update comes with a list of feature improvements, new integrations and a freshly redesigned Dashboard!

Are you ready to email more productively? Mailbutler for Gmail is available for free on Chrome web store – share this post with a Gmail user who needs a little help with their inbox!

Add Mailbutler to your new inbox in one click and start emailing in no time.

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