How to Export Emails to Evernote for Free

Email export to Evernote

We all deal with emails on an everyday basis. One way to organize our inbox is to use it with a note-taking app like Evernote; for example, you can export emails to Evernote to keep your inbox organized. While Evernote provides this option with a forwarding email address, it’s a paid feature that’s limited to a set number of emails per day, and not as convenient as we would like.

Mailbutler’s Evernote Exporter, designed exclusively for Apple Mail, allows you to export emails to Evernote with just one click, without the need to manually forward them to an Evernote email address. With no monthly or daily limits, Evernote Exporter is completely free and perfect for:

  • Apple Mail users
  • Heavy Evernote users

How to Export Your Emails to Evernote

Follow this link to get your hands on Evernote Exporter. Once installed on Apple Mail, the Evernote icon will appear in your email menu bar. One click on the icon and the email is instantly exported.

Export emails to Evernote from Apple Mail

Create notes within Apple Mail

Moreover, before sending the email to Evernote, the plug-in gives you two options to create notes without having to leave Apple Mail:

1. Create note – you can change notebooks, set reminders, make annotations, and add tags.

Create a note with Evernote Exporter

You can choose different notebooks as the incoming destination of your emails, add your own tags or chose between those already predefined in Evernote. Furthermore, you can add annotations to the content of your messages and set reminders for time-sensitive or important emails.

2. Create a quick note – you can export selected emails to Evernote in the split of a second.

Customize your notes the way you want

Additionally, quick notes can be personalized even further by going into mail preferences to/and select Evernote Export:

  • Set a default notebook – choose what notebook you want your emails to be exported to.
  • Add meta information (Sender, Recipient, Subject) – you can include information such as Date, Sender, Recipient, and Subject in the exported email. Or you can select to have only the content of the email in your note.
  • Include complete correspondence – when ticked and multiple emails have been exchanged between you and another recipient, this option will export the complete correspondence. In other words, all emails you had exchanged with one another will be exported to Evernote.
  • Add email as attachment – you can also include an attachment version of the exported email. This saves the email as an eml file and can be previewed or downloaded whenever you want.
  • Use email date for note – when this option is ticked, the exported email shows the original date of when it was first received. This information is inside the message, in the upper-left corner, just above the title of your email.
  • Always add tags – add and predefine your own tags for emails that will be added whenever you create a quick note.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – to make it even faster, you can set up and customize keyboard shortcuts that let you create both quick notes and detailed email notes easily from Apple Mail.

Furthermore, whenever you want to go back to the original email, simply click on the message link on the upper-right corner: this will instantly direct you back to the original message in Apple Mail, saving you tons of time on app switching.

Save time when organising email tasks and notes

Save anything you receive via email directly to Evernote.

Evernote Exporter can significantly improve your productivity if your workflow relies heavily on emails and Evernote. It’s perfect for:

  • Freelancers who send and receive emails for quotations and offers. A tip is to keep track of accepted and rejected offers, and how you tackled negotiations on quotes and work conditions. After exporting them to Evernote, you can add notes and make annotations anytime you want.
  • Business owners dealing with proposals and reports received via emails. Got a few changes you want to make and inform your accountant? Save that email to Evernote and start adding notes right away.

➡️ Evernote Exporter streamlines your workflow and keeps your inbox organized. Sign up here to receive a free download link.

Evernote Exporter is a free plugin for Apple Mail offered by Mailbutler.

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