Email Follow-up Reminders: Never Miss an Opportunity to Re-engage

Email follow up reminders

Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminder feature helps you stay in people’s minds.

In the present day of constant inbox bombardment, an email message can often get lost in the shuffle. Similarly, a recipient can just as easily see the email at a busy moment, and forget to get back to the sender. Often times, a simple follow-up email can be instrumental in obtaining a response. And yet, the vast majority of emails remain just that – a single email with no follow-up. Mailbutler makes it easy for you to stay on top of crucial emails that need revisiting with Follow-up Reminders.

First of all, what are Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders?

Follow up Reminders are a popular feature of Mailbutler, a productivity extension for Gmail and Apple Mail. They allow you to set up hassle-free reminders to get back to unanswered emails from within the comfort of your favorite email platform. Creating a reminder is as easy as the press of a button while composing your message. Mailbutler will send you a notification if there is no reply to your email after the specified time period, and managing your reminders is made simple with the Mailbutler Dashboard and Companion App.

On top of that, productivity tool power users can sync their Mailbutler Follow-up Reminders with their service of choice (such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist and many more). Gone are the days of missed opportunities with Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders. 

Who are Follow-up Reminders for?

The salesperson determined to convert a lead into a customer.

Only 20% of sales leads are followed up on past the initial cold email (source). This means that a staggering 80% of opportunities are lost due to a lack of follow up. Never let a potential customer slide by, and maximize every opportunity to secure a sale with Mailbutler Follow-up Reminders. Check out our other blog post with some tips on cold email follow-ups.

The job applicant who has been waiting on a reply from a recruiter.

Waiting for a response to a job application can be nerve-wracking. And keeping track of multiple applied-for positions at different companies can be messy. Create reminders to follow up on application emails to make sure that you stay at the front of recruiters’ minds.

The project manager who urgently needs a progress update.

Receiving an inquiry from a client asking about the progress of a product, when half of your team works remotely, can put you in a tight spot. And having to attend those three afternoon meetings can divide your concentration. Focus on what matters, and let Mailbutler remind you to follow up with your colleagues. The Follow-up feature can set reminders for as soon as hours or even minutes into the future.

The freelancer whose invoice payments get delayed every now and then.

Let’s face it – some clients just aren’t very punctual. Receiving a payment too late can cause a slight annoyance or a massive inconvenience. With Mailbutler, you don’t have to worry about whether your client is going to hold up their end of the bargain. Simply set up a reminder and forget about it til the follow-up date.

And many more people! Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders are for everyone looking to save time and streamline their work flow with an intuitive and robust tool that will become a seamless part of your email usage.

How to use Follow-up Reminders?

We prepared a detailed, step-by-step set of instructions here. Check them out, hit the Follow-up button in your inbox, and never miss an opportunity to re-engage again.

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