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Add GIFs to your emails

GIFs in emails bring a light and playful mood to your message. However, adding these short looping video clips is not always easy. You may have to download and convert files, look up which formats are compatible with your email provider, and sort through untrustworthy websites. Googling instructions doesn’t always yield great results. It can all be a big hassle.😣

Luckily, we have a great solution to help you add GIFs to your Apple Mail with GIPHY. In this post, you will learn about GIPHY: what it is, how to integrate it into your Apple Mail, and how to use it.

Giphy is a convenient tool for using GIFs

GIPHY is an easy-to-install, free Apple Mail plug-in that allows you to put GIFs right into your emails, without leaving the compose window. The clips come from GIPHY’s database, the most extensive library of GIFs on the internet.

Thousands of short, looping videos can be available in your Apple Mail app. Just download the plugin and you are set. No downloads, no file conversion, no glitches. Use GIFs easily to keep your audience engaged. 

First, download the GIPHY plug-in

You can go to the download page of the GIPHY plug-in for Apple Mail by clicking on this button:

Fill in your name and email address to receive the download per email. Download the installation file and follow the subsequent on-screen instructions. 

In case the on-screen instructions aren’t clear, we have prepared step-by-step directions with images that you can find here.

Now you can start using GIFs in Apple Mail without a sweat 😅

Once you’ve installed the plug-in, you are almost there. When typing an email, a button will now appear at the top-right corner of your draft’s window. Click on this GIPHY button, and search for the keyword you want.

Send GIFs in Apple Mail using Mailbutler's GIPHY extension

A variety of options will appear, already running in their loops so that you can preview them. Click on the desired GIF and it will insert itself into the email where your cursor was while editing the text.

After that, go ahead write an email that knocks your readers’ socks off. 😎

If you are eager to learn why you should be using GIFs in your emails. Please look at our blog post on the benefits of using GIFs in emails.

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