New & Improved User Interface

Mailbutler Update Simplifies User Experience

Exciting news: Mailbutler’s dashboard interface just got a partial redesign which will simplify and speed up your daily tasks. πŸŽ‰

What is new?

The new interface provides a better overview of your Message Templates as well as Email Signatures. The contents of those features are now being displayed in a preview which allows you to get a better insight into their contained information at first glance. Mailbutler previously used a list view to display your Message Templates which has now been updated to a box view. This allows our users to quickly find what they are looking as the boxes show the entirety of the template contents as opposed to just their title and subject line.

Similar to the changes that have been made to the display of Message Templates, Email Signatures are now being displayed with a preview of their contents. Elements that are included in your personalised signature such as your icon, name and website of choice show up right away. This provides a better overview of all of your signatures especially if you have multiple and it also gives you a more realistic view of how they will end up looking like in your emails.

The update doesn’t require any action on your part because the changes were automatically implemented for all Mailbutler users. The new user interface can be accessed through the Mailbutler Dashboard.

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