Keep your data bundled: Mailbutler’s BCC to CRM feature

Sales team celebrating the usefulness of Mailbutler

Your sales team needs up-to-date customer information to work as a cohesive unit. In this post, we will describe Mailbutler’s powerful feature that allows salespeople to BCC information to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Customer relationships need you to keep track of information 👨‍💻👩‍💻

If your company works with a CRM, you know the unique flexibility it provides your sales team: it contains all of the customer data that each salesperson collects. Inquiries, offers, information from phone calls, and correspondence are all stored there.

This allows each member of your sales team to access information about customers that their coworkers recorded. Consequently the entire team can be available to provide the customer with support

With your CRM, your customer relationships are not with one person, but with your entire team. This means your customers’ questions can be answered immediately, regardless of whether one person is on vacation, or someone is out of the office.

But there is one problem with any CRM system: If your team members use an external email service instead of using the CRM tool, their emails won’t reach the database.

That is to say critical information is lost if your team doesn’t use it, and your sales team risks a poor, unprofessional impression if, say, the same offer is sent twice, or a question is asked that was already answered.

Mailbutler makes using a CRM much easier 💪

If your employees use Gmail or Apple Mail, they can BCC any email to your CRM with Mailbutler. This prevents any information from correspondences from being lost or isolated to just one person.

Email automatically being forwarded to CRM

Your customer relationships can be maintained smoothly by everyone on your team. Quickly set-up this feature, and all of your outbound emails will be sent to your CRM. If someone on your team sends an email to a customer, it will reach the CRM database.

Mailbutler works to make your customer relationships easier 🤝

Are you interested in trying this feature? Then make sure to download and install Mailbutler today.

With it, you will keep your customers satisfied, the company’s performance high, and your staff’s worries low. 🙂👍

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