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Schedule Emails with Mailbutler's Send Later feature

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Mailbutler’s Send Later feature, and how it could suit your needs. The example situation here will help you to understand how the feature can help you stay productive and reclaim more free time. Once you’ve tried to schedule emails, you won’t want to do without this feature.

It’s been a long day and you’re still at the office 👨‍💻

There is one email that you need to send. You want to remove it from your to-do list, but you didn’t have time until now. Finally you’ve finished writing and are about to hit the “send” button. Then you notice the time: It’s way past business hours.

Sending a message this late, to someone who may have their email provider connected through their phone, would probably disturb them during their private life. You don’t want to seem unprofessional and intrude. You also know that you might forget to send the message in the morning.

Even if you do get to it tomorrow, you might have been beaten out by all of the other emails sent before yours in the morning. They will get priority even though you were working late into the night, to get all of your work done.

Making a schedule for your computer to do the work 💻⏰

With Mailbutler’s Send Later feature for Apple Mail and Gmail, you can schedule your emails to be sent when you want them to be. This enables you to shape your day in any way you like:

  • Write emails when you are productive and have Mailbutler automatically send them when you want.
  • Finish your work by pressing the Send Later button when you’re done writing, not when you need to send the note.
  • Send emails to people when you think they are most productive and likely to answer you.
  • Maintain your professionalism with good time management and respect of boundaries.

For your clients, using the Send Later feature means:

  • They won’t wake up and feel the need to reply in the middle of the night. 
  • You won’t remind them of work during their free time.
  • People are more likely to take their time in the morning when your email is sent.

Make a plan to try it out 💪

You can see that the Send Later feature will have a positive impact not only on your productivity but also on the productivity of the people around you. Try it out and install Mailbutler for Apple Mail or Gmail.

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