Schedule Your Emails and Don’t Ever Forget A Birthday Again

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This post gives you an example of how to use Mailbutler’s Send Later feature that helps you schedule emails.

It happens sometimes: you forget a colleague’s birthday when everyone remembers. The easiest way to stay on top of these things is to schedule a reminder.

But what if you have a long-time customer with whom you’ve exchanged birthday wishes for years. This year, the day of their birthday comes, and you are so busy, you forget to send a note. It could be a little embarrassing, or much worse, it could strain your relationship with them.

Mailbutler helps you schedule your birthday wishes 💪

With Mailbutler, you can use the Send Later feature to schedule emails, that means all of your birthday wishes for the entire year. 

That way, you can write your emails when it is convenient for you, and Mailbutler will automatically send them at the right time. Even if you are offline, Mailbutler will still do the work for you.

Write your birthday wishes once and send them whenever you need them 🎂

When you write your birthday wishes, one efficient way of getting all of your work done at once is to spend a couple of hours making a template with Mailbutler’s email template service.

It’s really simple. You make a template using Mailbutler that has in it all of the basics of a good and cordial birthday note. Then, when you need to write a message for a specific client, you use the template to make a personalized note.

With this feature, you can write all of your birthday wishes in one day and schedule them throughout the year. Or you can write them as the day approaches. Either way, you save time and work at your own pace with Mailbutler’s Send Later and email template features.

Want to give it a try? 🤓

Download Mailbutler for Apple Mail and Gmail here and don’t worry about missing a birthday or anniversary again.

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