5 Reasons Why Email Signatures Are a Must-Have for Your Business


Digital communication nowadays is full of noise and distraction, yet email remains the most direct way to catch the full attention of your recipient. Every single day countless emails are sent directly to valuable business contacts: customers, prospects, vendors, partners, investors… A simple and effective way to increase the effectiveness of each email exchange is an email signature.

If you’re still wondering why you should set up an email signature for your business, we’ve listed out 5 important reasons you should consider.

1. Email signatures easily exert professionalism

Imagine writing a plain text, unsolicited email with a simple first name sign-off, asking to connect. Now, imagine writing the same email, but ending with a signature like this one:

Mailbutler email signature in Gmail

Which one looks more professional and put together?

Emails that end with a proper signature simply looks more professional and trustworthy. It shows your recipient you have put in time and effort to provide helpful contact information and useful links. Most importantly, they can verify your identity based on the information you have provided.

2. Email signatures make it easier for people to contact you

Including your contact options makes it easier for people to contact you. This is the best way to put all necessary information in one place for the convenience of your partners.

As email signatures are automatically attached, make sure that the information you provide is always correct and up-to-date.

3. Email signatures can bring you new followers on social media

Linking to the social media profiles of your company is a way to promote them. After a pleasant email conversation, people tend to show their appreciation through social media. Providing easy access to your social media profiles through email signature makes it much easier for them to hit “Like”, “Follow” or “+1”.

4. Email signatures make your brand and logo recognizable

Email signature is a good branding tool for your company. Adding your company logo to your email signature increases its brand awareness among people you communicate with, as your email signature is displayed in every conversation you are involved in.

Showing brand identity in emails is highly effective, as email recipients will actively read an email, in contrast to when they respond to other branding approaches such as newsletters, display ads, etc.

5. Email signatures show your personality

Last, but not least: an email signature is your personal digital business card, which demonstrates your professionalism and your personality at the same time. You have a lot of latitude in choosing the design that fits you the most.

Companies are trying to get closer to customers by engaging with them on a personal level — and email signatures definitely do wonders. Simply adding a headshot of yours in your signature will instantly give any cold sales email a friendlier, more trustworthy image.

Everyone has a signature. What’s yours? ✨

One of Mailbutler’s countless productivity features is to help you create beautiful email signatures from our professionally designed templates.

Mailbutler Signature Template Preview

With our easy-to-use templates and highly customizable signature builder, you can configure photos, images, text and colors to define your own style. Whether it be a professional-looking signature for business emails or a friendly one for casual letters, we make sure you can create your own unique email signature in no time.

Create a professional and visually grabbing signature in less than 2 minutes with Mailbutler.

Make sure to also check out our complete guide on creating professional email signatures. Or, if you would like to explore all of our posts on Mailbutler Features, you can find them on: Features 📧

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