5 Tips to Write an Email People Want to Respond

5 Tips to Write an Email People Want to Respond

“Should I reply or not?” This is the first question that pops into your mind after you read an email you just received. But, what if you are on the other side of the table and you are the one who is sending the emails? Wouldn’t you want that all your prospects open them and reply back? Of course you would, but how do you do it? Are there any guidelines? Any tips for writing emails?

At a first look, it might seem very simple to prepare an email to talk about your product and send it to your contacts list. You have a great product, so everyone should answer your emails quickly, right?

The reality is slightly different. Apart from your emails, your prospects are assaulted with hundreds of other emails every day. Therefore, you need to give them a serious reason to open your email and respond to it. So, how do you make people respond to your email? This is a question for which you will find the answer if you keep reading this article.

5 Tips to Write an Email People Want to Respond

1 Start with a provoking subject line

“Before people get to respond to your emails, they should first open it, right? So, in my opinion, the subject line plays a significant role in the overall success of an emailing campaign. There are hundreds of templates available online with suggestions on how to create an interesting subject line. All the other marketers already use them. So, your prospects are already tired with the same subject lines. Thus, my recommendation is to create your subject line in such a way so that you provide value and competitive intelligence”, says the CEO of PickWriters.

One tip that never fails is to congratulate your prospects from the subject line. You will notice how your open rate will increase significantly. Moreover, your subject line should bring value to the receiver.

Finally, you don’t need to create long subject lines and use upper case letters to attract the attention of your contacts. You will appear less aggressive if you write the words in lower case and offer an unusual benefit from the start.

2 Create a personal opening line

Once you have gone over the hurdle of making your recipients open your email, now it is time to convince them to respond. Beginnings like “My name is…” are not the most successful. Your prospects need to feel that you know them and understand their needs. They are tired of sellers who don’t care about their problems, and they just want to increase their profits.

Therefore, when they start reading the first lines of your email, they should discover that you know to whom you are talking, and you did your research. Thus, you can start with phrases like “I noticed you…” or “I saw that we both like/did…” and create a connection with your email receiver.

What is more, you can win their trust by mentioning a mutual friend or business partner with whom you already developed a relationship. This will bring you more social proof and make your prospects curious. On the other hand, if you don’t find any mutual connection, you can also carefully check their business and website and start by mentioning one of their problems you noticed and can solve. Show them that you have done your homework and win their trust.

You can learn more about the proven ways to write an enticing opening line by checking out our post on how to start an email.

3 Build an enticing email body

If you managed to create curiosity with the opening line, this doesn’t mean that your job is done. Your recipients will look for the spectacular until the end of the email. So, you cannot disappoint them. When you write the email body, you should think that this is your chance to show your expertise. Show your prospects that you know very well what is their problem and you have the solution for it.

 A good tip is to ask relevant questions about their need, showing them that you are a professional in your field and you have carefully studied their problem. Stay away from generic phrases where you talk about your accomplishments.

People don’t have time to read bluff expressions. They want applied solutions to their needs and will always appreciate an email which goes straight to the point. Use your body email to create a connection with your potential clients and use all your “weapons” to make them trust you.

4 Create an irresistible closing

You have successfully managed to make your prospects read your email. Now that they are close to the end, you shouldn’t let them down and make them click the “reply” button right away. You showed them in the email body that you are a professional and you have a real solution for their needs.

Furthermore, this is the perfect occasion to make your recipient take action. Use intriguing questions to make him respond to your email. For example, ask him whether he has time for a meeting the following days or what would be in his opinion the next steps to start collaborating.

5 Read your email before you send it

Even though you use the best team of writers and you are sure that you followed all the tips to make your recipients respond, it is always a good idea to double or triple check your text before you send the email. Once you have your team’s final inspection and feedback, go in a quiet place and read your email in a loud voice.

This is a good exercise for the final proofreading. What is more, this exercise will help you see whether your email is too long. The general rule says that if it takes your more than one minute to read it, then you should cut it down.


Finally, in case you don’t receive answers right away, you shouldn’t take it personally. There are various reasons why people don’t answer emails. However, you shouldn’t quit and schedule a follow-up after the first round of emails.

There is a fine line between doing a follow-up and becoming pushy. So, when you come back and ask whether your target customer received your email, you shouldn’t follow more than 4-6 touch points. Reply directly to your previous email and try to connect it to a subject that adds even more value than your initial email.

One of the golden rules of making people respond to your emails is to never send a message without having a strong reason. People are too busy and tired by the assault of emails they receive every day. Thus, if you don’t do your homework and show them that you know their problem, don’t be surprised that you won’t hear back from them. Spend more time researching about your target audience and put yourself in their shoes before you hit the “send” button. End your email with a question, and you will see how quickly your response rate will grow.

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