6 Money-Saving Tips for Email Marketing

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An audience requires more and more speed and convenience in interacting with brands. That is why, most companies no longer send their booklets to customers’ homes, but instead, communicate with them in instant messengers using chatbots. At the moment, this method of interaction is the most convenient, economical and effective, but nevertheless, email marketing is still alive.

If you have already realized the need for changing approaches to communicating with the target audience, and at the same time do not want to give up the benefits of email marketing, it means that you just have to save on this task without losing a useful result. In this article, we talk about email marketing practices that can help you cut costs without sacrificing returns.

Use Free Services

Popular services that use most brands use this is not the only opportunity existing in the technology market. It is real to create an email marketing company for free. Check out these tools that will allow you to do this. Yes, the available functions will not be so wide, and most likely, if your audience is huge, you will not be able to do everything for free, but you will get the basic features anyway.

Like most popular solutions, free tools make it possible to create templates, develop chains of letters, personalize, add unique graphics and conduct test campaigns. Try it yourself and you will notice that the cost of email marketing has decreased, and the level of sales did not begin to suffer from this.

Design Working CTA

When users receive an attractive letter but do not understand what companies want from them, this is a bad trend. Since you want to reduce the cost of e-mail newsletters, every letter must hit exactly the target. And the key to this is a correct, attractive and working call to action. We can say that this is the basis of your entire letter, and if the call to action is weak, then the target action will not be carried out. And the money has already been invested. Therefore, your task is to develop such a call to action, so that each transition to the site and target action maximally covers the cost of email marketing, plus gives you a net profit.

Use Letters Only Where You Need It

As we said at the beginning of the article, email marketing is not the only way to communicate with the target audience. To save on this task, send letters to your subscribers only when it is needed.

It is completely optional to send a million letters if you have added several new products to your store. Tell about it on your website, in social networks and with the help of instant messengers. It is not necessary to send letters for minor reasons when there are other, more effective and economical ways to send a notification or start a dialogue.

Conversely, leave letters for particularly important occasions. For example, if you plan to take part in an exhibition or another event, you decide to do global rebranding or completely update the assortment, website design and move the real point of sale to other places, it’s worth sending an official letter. And of course, talk about this in other channels as well.

Decide on the Desired Result

If your goal is to save on email marketing, then you will have to adapt your strategy a bit. How did you measure the effectiveness of the newsletters before making this decision? Based on the answers to this question, think over which indicators remain the most important for you, and determine what you will consider a good result if you reduce the cost of email marketing campaigns.

Set an Upper Limit on Your Budget for Email Marketing

The best way to save money is to set the maximum permissible limit. Review your marketing strategy as a whole and determine how much you can freely allocate to email marketing without harming other communication channels that you consider to be the most promising for your company.

Further, you will have to return to the free services that we have listed, and choose either the free or the most budget option, which will best meet your needs.

Optimize Your Email as Much as Possible

To get the maximum result for the least money, you need to carefully think through the structure of each letter and the marketing message that it will contain. It is much more reasonable to send two letters that will bring results than to spam a dozen letters that users will stop opening after receiving the fifth. Therefore, pay attention to the following points.

  • Your letter should have an interesting subject
  • It should contain a clear and attractive headline
  • The template should be made in the brand style
  • Images should load quickly
  • Links must be clickable
  • The letter should be displayed correctly from any device
  • The call to action that we have talked about should be as motivating as possible.

Following this rule, you have the opportunity to get a higher open-rate and a greater likelihood that users will commit the target action. One letter created taking into account all the requirements can bring a much greater effect than several ill-conceived letters.


The desire to reduce the cost of email marketing is justified since the recent trend is that the letters began to receive less and less response, and the open-rate is gradually falling. The audience goes to messengers and social networks. Although, of course, there are businesses and audiences for which the email remains the main channel of interaction but why not save a little without losing the result?

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