8 Horrible Sales Email Writing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Mistakes to avoid in Sales Emails

Writing great sales emails requires a lot of copywriting knowledge if you want to hear back fast. However, even expert copywriters sometimes make mistakes in the emails.

A poorly written sales email can ruin your chances to close a major deal. Here are some of the most common sales email mistakes you can easily avoid:

1. Having a weak subject line

A subject line is your customer’s first look at your sales email. This means that whatever you place in your subject line is what should persuade them to open your email. If it’s weak, generic or boring, they won’t open your email. However, if it’s relevant and engaging, sparking curiosity in them, it should work like a charm for your email open rates. However, don’t be a trickster either – never use methods like creating a subject line that mimics something a friend would say, sounding like a clickbait and so on.

2. Not having a call to action

A call to action is an important element of your email sales letter. This is what your email is leading up to – that one link that will lead your clients straight to the product or the service you are trying to sell. However, if you don’t have it, don’t think your clients will search for a way to purchase because they most likely won’t. They will think about it for a while but then your product will get lost somewhere in the trash bin just like your email.

Include a CTA so that your customers can get to your product quickly.

3. Not writing about benefits

Features are really important but even more important are the benefits your product has to offer. This means that you should list the features but then take the time to say what benefits those features will bring.

For example, having 20mp camera on your phone is a great thing but that doesn’t mean anything unless you state that your reader will be able to capture their memories and live events with clarity.

4. Not writing accurate and engaging emails

Grammar and spelling mistakes are a huge issue in sales emails. They can make your readers think that you are a scam or that your product is just like your copy – full of errors. This is why you should use some of these tools.

Studydemic and Academic advisor are email copywriting guides that can help you write good copy in your sales emails.

Academized is an online editing tool that can help you remove fluff from your writing.

My writing way and Paperfellows are email formatting tools that can help you create readable emails.

Australianhelp is an email proofreading tool mentioned by Bestaustralianwriters.

Viawriting is a grammar checker which offers tips on grammar rules.

Bigassignments and Oxessays are there to help you write accurate subject lines, subheadings, titles.

5. Not formatting your content

Formatting your email content is crucial, especially since so many people nowadays only skim the content in order to get information. So, use plenty of bullet points, subtitles and so on.

6. Being vague about your offer

When writing about your offer, you should do it with clarity. Your readers shouldn’t have to go back several time to realize what you are trying to sell them – in fact, they most likely won’t go back. So, use simple words and make sure that there is no complex jargon.

7. Not using personalization

“One of the best ways to persuade your customers to buy from you is to use their name. If you fail to do so, it will be much harder for you to persuade them. Plus, it’s a valuable tool that you shouldn’t miss. You can use other methods of persuasion too – signing emails with your own name and using a friendly email address they can reply to. This all makes your email look a lot better. It will be personalized and a lot more persuasive than it would have been without this.”, says Mitchell Saos, a sales manager at Stateofwriting and Eliteassignmenthelp.

8. Misspelling information

When you are done writing an email, you should go back to the most important information in your email and make sure that it’s accurate. If not, fix it. Of course, most people are unable to catch this first time they re-read their email, so you should take the time to read your email with focus and attention several times before you send it. For example, if you misspell the person’s name, it can come off as very rude and they won’t respond to your email.

Use Undo Send to avoid mistakes in sales emails

A good thing to know is that even if you make a mistake in your email, there are ways you can fix it: Mailbutler is an excellent service you can use with Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail as it can undo your message and enable Attachment Reminder to avoid some of the more common errors. But you should always strive for perfection in your emails and this means checking for these mistakes thoroughly.

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This guest post is written by Freddie Tubbs. Freddie Tubbs is a digital strategist at UK Writings and Boom Essays. He enjoys attending marketing and business events for networking, and contributes posts to the Vault and Essay Roo blogs.

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