An Easy Way to Create Captivating Signatures in Gmail (Updated 2020)

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How do you add a signature in Gmail? A question that is asked by many. While, the solution is simple. Including a signature at the end of your messages is a surefire way of conveying professionalism. Unfortunately,  Gmail is lacking a ready-made solution for adding a signature. No worries, there is an easy way to get this done!

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the Signatures features by Mailbutler. After downloading and installing the Chrome extension, you can start creating your Gmail signature right away. 

Create a Gmail Signature

First, you need to go to the Chrome Store and download Mailbutler. The next step is to install the extension on your computer. After this is done, the Mailbutler icon should appear in the right corner of your window. Now, to actually use the Signatures feature,  you can:

  1. You can use Mailbutler’s signature templates
  2. Customise the signature as you like

To use the templates, first you need to open Mailbutler Dashboard and select Signatures. The Add Signatures button allows you to choose between 11 various signature templates that can be edited at any time. 

Creating email signature

But wait! Don’t be so quick designing and deciding on a final signature. Before you do that, read on these short tips on how to customize a successful email signature, one to create a long-lasting impression.

  • Don’t include too much information. Three or four lines of text including your name, title, company, and phone number is more than enough.
  • Add a picture. Visuals count a lot and have a much stronger impact than just plain text.
  • In Addition, you can add social media channels to connect more easily with potential customers or clients.

You can customize your Gmail signature in whatever way you want to. Including your company’s logo colors, adding a quote, inserting a link or a placeholder, all these can be easily done when customizing your signature. Moreover, you can share and sync these newly created signature templates with members of your team.

customising email signature

Every new signature you create is saved in the Signatures section, where you can preview it. You can edit and delete each signature. As for adding new signatures, there is no limit on how many you can customize.

That’s it! Now you have a professional looking Gmail signature that you can attach at the end of your emails.

Make the most out of email signatures

You can get so much more out of email signatures. Marketing your email signature for promotional purposes can be a smart move if done right. Find out how you can build brand awareness and increase social media following using email signatures. Make sure to also check out our blog post on creating a professional email signature.

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