Email Tracking: 3 Typical Use Cases of Inbox Read Receipts

Email Tracking Use Cases

Smart communication lies at the core of every successful business. We exchange a lot of information with email, but how exactly can you optimize this process and maximize the benefits in each message? Learning as much as possible about your recipient is one of the best ways to do it. This is the point where all the existing analytical, data collection, and sales acceleration software comes into play, among which email tracking applications deserve special attention.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this helpful tool and examine the 3 actual use cases.

First things first – how does Email Tracking work?

The email tracking technology relies on a 1-pixel image in the email. If a person activates email tracking for a specific email, the corresponding application includes a hidden 1-pixel image with a unique mail-ID into the outgoing message.

Once the recipient opens the email, their mail client or web service sends a request to the sender’s server in order to load the hidden 1-pixel image. The information about such requests (mail-ID and the date/time) is being collected and stored on the sender’s server. Thus, it can be passed further on to the corresponding software, which, in turn, displays it to the mail user.

How can I use Email Tracking?

With email tracking, you always know if the recipient has actually opened your email. It provides you with the necessary information to plan your next step in communication with a person, which can be extremely useful for business purposes.

1. Communication with business partners

Imagine you’re a sales manager hunting down an important customer for your company. After having sent him an email, you haven’t heard back for two days. What is the best way to react in this case?

Normally you would think of sending a reminder. However if the potential customer hasn’t even read your email yet, this might not be the best option. On the other hand, waiting for some more days might make you lose the customer.

Email tracking gives you better understanding of your current position in the correspondence. If you know that the first email has already been read, you can proceed with a follow-up email. If it has not been read, you should rather wait for some more days, or send them an email that reiterate the previous offer.

2. Communication with customers

Open rates of your emails give you direct insight into your content performance. You can see how your customers react to different newsletter headlines, designs, topics. Try splitting your recipient list into several equal parts and experiment with your newsletter by changing only one component at a time (for example, the title, then the design, etc.).

By analyzing this data you can:

  • Determine what to work on in your emails to make them more effective, and
  • Choose the best communication strategy for each group of recipients.

More awareness of your customer behaviour means better chances to compose your emails in such a way that they get more responses; and finally, lead to more conversions.

3. Communication with colleagues

You can also use email tracking within your working team on a daily basis for a better task supervision.

Mailbutler Email Tracking Feature in Gmail

We often delegate tasks on a short notice because of their urgency, and it’s extremely important that the person in charge gets the information as soon as possible. Knowing that the recipient has already read the email with the assignment saves the sender nerves and time spent on supervision. with Mailbutler

Gain deeper insights to your emails with Mailbutler

Email tracking, when smartly used, has a great potential to raise your productivity and effectiveness and to take your sales rate to a whole new level.

Activity log in the Mailbutler companion app

Mailbutler offers a powerful tracking tool for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail that keeps you informed of your email status. You can even keep track of important details such as open date, device, location and more.

erica email tracking mailbutler

“For me, tracking my clients’ opening of emails is a real game changer. It helps me plan, it lets me know what to prepare for our next call, and it gives me a sense of peace knowing they’ve seen what I needed them to see. I love this app!”

Erica Yocom at Virtual Personal Assistant

Whether you want to reach out to your leads strategically, test the best communication strategy for your newsletters, or to keep your colleagues in the loop – Mailbutler offers you one of the most powerful email tools that will raise your productivity and communication effectiveness in no time.

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Mailbutler for Apple Mail and Gmail

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