The Mailbutler Dashboard is changing – information and reviews

mailbutler dashboard is moving soon

In March 2021, we’ll be making some changes to the Mailbutler Dashboard (currently found here). This is the place where you can make changes to your settings, create and join teams, edit your signatures, and much more. We’re always trying to improve your experience with the Mailbutler App, and we’re pretty sure we’ve found a new way to make dealing with your inbox even easier. Since the beginning of February, beta users have already had access to the new changes, meaning we can make sure everything works perfectly before the rest of you receive the update in March.

So what’s changing with the Mailbutler Dashboard?

In truth, the Dashboard itself isn’t really changing, it’s simply moving. Currently, if you want to access your Dashboard – where you can change all your settings, add your signatures etc. – you have to leave the Mailbutler App and move to your web browser. Well, not any more! (Or, not any more, from March.) Now, you’ll have access to your Dashboard from within the app itself, meaning you never have to leave your inbox for anything. (Lord help you.)

The Dashboard itself will remain the same, meaning you can do everything you’ve always been able to do in the browser version, but from the comfort of the app, with everything just a click away. The Dashboard will be integrated into the sidebar of Mailbutler, as shown below (move your mouse over the image on desktop to zoom into parts which are difficult to read, or click to enlarge and pinch to zoom on a smartphone):

A comparison of the old Dashboard and the new integrated Dashboard

With just a click on the little circle Dashboard button, you can open up the Dashboard in your app’s sidebar. From here, you can do absolutely everything you used to be able to do in the old Dashboard which opened up in your web browser. By clicking the Settings Button – the little cog in the bottom right hand corner – you can open the Settings Menu overlay and edit all of your settings, including creating and joining teams, personalising your signature, and saving message templates.

Your options for notes, tasks and activity are all available for you in a handy tab system which sits in front of your messages and contacts tab at the top of the Dashboard. If you want the Dashboard to go away again, simply click the Dashboard Button once more, which will now look like a circle with an X in it.

On top of this, for Apple Mail users, your Mailbutler Companion App – the little M in your Mac’s menu bar, where you used to be able to change your settings – will disappear, because everything is contained within your inbox! (Those on Gmail and Outlook won’t have to worry about the Companion App, as you never had it.)

Through social media posts and emails, we’ll keep you up to date over the next few weeks on exactly when the Dashboard will be moving, so don’t worry. Once the move is live, our Knowledge Base will be updated with more information on exactly how the Dashboard works. Of course, if anything remains confusing or unclear, you can always send us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why is the Dashboard moving?

The main reason why we’ve decided to integrate the Dashboard within the app is to save you time. It was always our goal to make all aspects of Mailbutler integrated in the app – that’s been our goal since the beginning, and we’re proud to say we’ve now made it a reality. Not having to leave your inbox to access all of the great features Mailbutler offers makes the process far more streamlined and means we can better realise our goal of making you more productive while sending emails.

Opinions on the Mailbutler Dashboard Integration

Since the Dashboard is moving very soon, we thought we’d collect some opinions on its new functionality. Some of our favourite productivity experts have taken look at the change and offered up their two cents on how it’s helped them to be more productive and better manage their email communication.

Thomas Mangold – Author, Trainer and Coach for Self-Management

“It’s the little things we do again and again which, either positively or negatively, affect our lives. Maybe it’s just those extra few clicks of the mouse which, in sum over a year, actually make a big difference. So I’m especially happy about the new version of Mailbutler, which doesn’t just spare me those few clicks, but enables me to have a quick and simple overview of my emails to make working through them so much easier. Thank you so much for this great new feature.”

Melanie Brownlee – Qualified Freelance Translator

“So, I have been loving the integration of the dashboard into the app! It’s just made things so much easier for me when it comes to writing emails. I can check if a potential client has read my quote at a glance, and it also awards me instant reassurance when I can see in just one click that a client has received my project delivery. It’s also more practical in that I usually have so many tabs open, so the integrated dashboard allows me to see what I need to quickly and easily, without needing to open yet another one! Being able to manage and edit my signatures from my mailbox is also super helpful.”

Tim Stringer – Productivity Coach, Consultant & Teacher

“I’ve always appreciated how Mailbutler enhances Mail in such a seamless way. Moving the Dashboard into the Mailbutler app adds a new level of convenience and helps ensure that Mailbutler’s extensive feature set is put to good use.”

Nick Kyriakides – Winner of the 2020 Freelancer of the Year Award

“The new Mailbutler Dashboard! I love the integration within my mail app of choice (Apple Mail), which seamlessly allows me to quickly change my email signatures, message templates, notifications, follow up reminders preferences and so much more! Not having to leave my mail app is a real time-saver. Great job Mailbutler! The new Dashboard is certainly welcomed.”

Chris Beaumont – Productivity Consultant and Coach

“Making Mailbutler totally self-contained by bringing the external dashboard into the app is a substantial improvement. No more switching back and forward between my email app and a browser any time I want to change a setting or update a signature. And as I’m on a Mac I don’t need a separate app in my menu bar anymore. It’s a significant improvement to Mailbutler and a great way to reduce friction in my email workflow.”

11 comments on “The Mailbutler Dashboard is changing – information and reviews

    1. Hello Rob,

      Thank you for asking. No, you cannot. Unfortunately, due to technical changes, we can not support the Apple Reminder, Calendar or Notes integrations anymore. This is mainly because we are trying to maintain consistency across all platforms, and these features aren’t available in Gmail or Outlook.

      If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to write to us at

      1. Really??? Another functionality you will remove, kill, take out? Bad, very bad. Sometimes ago it was “printing of attachments”, just simply killed for no reason.

        1. Hi Oliver, the Dashboard isn’t being removed, it’s just moving from your browser to your inbox. We’re hoping this will actually make it easier for you to use, but no functionality is being removed. This will happen in March – all the information is in this article. Sorry if that wasn’t clear from the post!

    1. I’m very sorry but currently you can’t integrate Mailbutler with gTasks Pro. For an overview of the task management apps you can integrate Mailbutler with, please see here:

      But it would be great if you could add this and any other integration ideas to our feedback platform. The link is below. This is a much more direct way of getting your input to our CTO, who checks the page regularly. It also allows other users with the same requests to upvote your suggestion.

  1. Can you please fix the issue were sometimes mails aren’t sent? Once in a while they’re just stuck in the Mailbutler application. I use Apple Mail.

    When I click send, the email disappears and I can’t find it sent items or in drafts. Email is just gone and there is no notice that it hasn’t been send.

    This has been going on for a while now, had hoped this would get fixed with updates..

  2. Please don’t get of the companion Mac App! It’s so very handy. I use this exclusively and don’t even use the dashboard. I don’t want to have to switch apps and screen real estate just to see this info. If anything, put all of this into the companion app I instead!!!!

    1. Hi David, thanks for your feedback! The companion app is going, but everything you used to be able to do with it you can now do in your inbox. No functionality is being removed, it’s just being amalgamated into your email client so you don’t have to keep moving around between browser, app and inbox. The overview of notes and tasks, for example, will be available in tabs which overlay the existing Mailbutler Sidebar when you open the in-app Dashboard. Hope this helps!

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