Mailbutler – The Only Outlook Add-in You Will Ever Need

Mailbutler for Outlook

Microsofts Outlook is currently the de facto email client for most businesses. Due to its wide adoption, it has become the standard that most workplaces abide by. However, despite its popularity with businesses of every size, Microsoft Outlook simply cannot do it all, nor does it actually have to. Microsoft’s AppSource is a marketplace created to offer solutions that complement and support Microsoft’s existing products. One of these productivity solutions is Mailbutler. 📧

While there are many single-feature Outlook add-ins that help you organize your inbox 📨, having to switch between all of these different add-ins can easily become chaotic and messy and often introduces performance issues. Instead of using a dozen different extensions, you should be using an all-in-one solution.💡

Mailbutler offers a suite of productivity tools 🛠 neatly packed within a single add-in with an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates into your Outlook inbox. A solution you can roll out to your company in less than an hour. ✅

Ditch Read Receipts and Start Tracking

Outlook’s read receipts are Microsoft’s outdated way of notifying you when some looked at your email. When the sender uses the read receipt feature, a pop-up window appears for the recipient, asking for a confirmation. If you’ve ever tried using read receipts in Outlook, you might have asked yourself how useful that is 🤔. And you might have already suspected the answer… Read receipts are rarely effective as the recipients have to give a confirmation every single time.

How we do it differently: With Mailbutler’s Tracking feature for Outlook, the recipient does not receive an annoying pop-up window asking for a confirmation. And you will always know when your email was opened 📬 . Moreover, with Tracking Details you can see the location, device, operating system and browser of the person who opened your email 👀. Now you have all the information you need to take the next step with confidence.

Mailbutler's Outlook add-in tracking details

A special bonus!🌟 With Mailbutler you can also track links inside your emails. And it provides you with the same extensive details as the open tracking. With this powerful feature, you can see how the recipient interacts with your email. And this allows you to connect better with your audience 🌎. 

 A Send Later feature that’s actually useful

For whatever reason Microsoft has decided to execute email scheduling locally on Windows. This means that your computer has to be running 🏃‍♂️ and Outlook opens for the scheduled emails to send. If you ask us, that kind of defeats the purpose of a Send Later feature. But worry not, we have a solution. With Mailbutler’s Send Later feature for Outlook, you can rest at ease that your email will be sent regardless of whether your Outlook is open or your computer is on 📤.

A simple Snooze for Outlook

Currently, Microsoft does not offer any kind of snooze functionality for Outlook. Luckily Mailbutler has a snooze feature ⏰! With Mailbutler’s Snooze feature you can take control of your inbox. Don’t let incoming messages disrupt your workflow👩‍💻– Snooze them instead. 

Manage your signatures in one place

Mailbutler allows you to create professional email signatures from ready-made templates or easily craft a completely customized one from scratch 📝. Mailbutler Signature Templates can be shared across organizations and teams enabling you to achieve a consistent brand identity in your company’s email communication 🤝. In addition, you can also access your signatures from Apple Mail, Gmail and your Mailbutler mobile app. 


And so much more

It doesn’t stop there. This Outlook add-in is jam-packed with features that help you use Outlook 10x smarter 🏆. Be it adding Tasks, Notes, and Reminders to your emails, automatically forwarding your outgoing messages to your favourite CRM tool, managing Signatures, and Message Templates or recalling a sent email – Mailbutler can do it all! 💯It’s the productivity bundle that helps you get the most out of your emails

Designed with Teams in mind

Perhaps one of the most distinctive attributes of Mailbutler is that it’s built for collaboration. With Mailbutler, the Notes and Tasks you add to your emails can be easily shared with your team and organizations 🔗. The people you share notes and tasks with don’t even need to have Outlook. You can design Signature Templates and Message Templates, which your team can use to achieve a cohesive communication strategy and save precious time ⏳. Have a look at Knowledge Base to learn more about Teams in Mailbutler.

We also integrate with your favorite productivity tool

Achieving integration between all the services that a company uses is a necessity for the modern workplace. A lack of synchronicity makes handling day to day tasks unnecessarily difficult 🤯. When it comes to integrations, Mailbutler is your new MVP. It works effortlessly with your favourite note-taking or project management tools 💻📱. Mailbutler integrates with the most popular services out there – such as Todoist, Trello, Asana, Wunderlist and many more! You can seamlessly export your Mailbutler Notes and Tasks with the click of a button 🔘. No more need for switching between browser tabs and transferring each to-do manually.

Still not convinced? What if we said you could try Mailbutler for 14 days free of charge and with no payment information requiredSign up for a free trial today and start doing email the smart way!

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