Mailbutler Launches Outlook Add-in to Boost Email Productivity

Mailbutler, the creator of the leading email extension that helps professionals and teams enhance their inbox, is now available for Microsoft Outlook. After having been requested by many Outlook users, the extension can finally be downloaded in the Microsoft app store (AppSource) or through the Mailbutler website. The extension offers its users an easy way to have a more powerful inbox and optimize their everyday workflow. The add-in works just like the one that was already available for Apple Mail and Gmail users – it’s a timesaving, must-have tool that includes features such as tracking details, follow up reminders, scheduling, message templates and more.

Key feature overview:
* Tracking: turn on read receipts to find out if, when and where your email or link was opened
* Send Later: compose emails ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time
* Signatures: create professional signatures with templates for you and your team
* Message Templates: save time by using pre-written messages
* Integrations: sync emails to your favorite project manager and productivity tools

Tobias Knobl, CEO and co-founder of Mailbutler said: “Over the years we have been asked plenty of times to make Mailbutler available for Outlook users. We have worked hard on making this happen and are grateful for the support coming our way. Writing emails is indispensable nowadays and can be a hassle. Mailbutler’s features allow you to minimize the amount of time spend in your inbox.”

Pricing and Availability:
Users can choose between three different types of subscriptions. Mailbutler Essential: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business Features Mailbutler Professional: starting at Euro 6.50 per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features
Mailbutler Business: starting at Euro 24.95 per month, unlimited access to all features

Mailbutler for Outlook

Mailbutler was founded with the vision to make the life of email users easier, and help them complete their daily tasks in the most convenient and elegant way. Their product Mailbutler is an extension for Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, iOS and Android which adds many powerful features like Tracking, Send Later, Signature, Message Templates, Snooze and much more to the Inbox. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2020 Mailbutler GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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