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Mailbutler has many practical features for our diverse group of users. The email-tracking feature provides information about when, where, and how your emails are opened👍. While, the note-sharing feature allows for you and your team to see notes attached to specific emails📧. 

This blog explains these convenient features involving our friend Toby in three scenarios. Toby loves seeing two blue read checkmarks next to his messages. It shows him that the recipient read and received the message. 

Since some time, Toby looked for a service that would show him read receipts. In order to help with his professional correspondance, he downloaded Mailbutler For Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail. 

Since then, Mailbutler has made Toby’s life much easier. Here are 3️⃣ distinct examples of how it has helped him in his professional tasks:

1. Applying for the job 💼

Job applications often involve a lot of idle time waiting for an email response. Not for Toby. When applying for his Sales Manager position, he used Mailbutler’s email tracking feature. It showed him when someone had received and opened his message. 

It not only helped him to know when he may receive a response, but also when to send a timely and cordial follow-up.

2. Keeping up with leads 👀

At Toby’s first product fair, he spoke to Mr. Miller,  an interesting and prospective customer. Afterwards,  Toby emailed him information regarding the company’s available products. The next morning, he saw that Mr. Miller opened the email at 10 AM. 

With this information provided by Mailbutler’s tracking feature, Toby knew how to perfectly time a follow-up phone call to close the sale.

3. A team working together 🤝

The next day, Toby is still at the fair and he has been busy all day. He needs his assistant Wendy to schedule a call with Mr. Miller and several other potential clients.

To do that,  he uses Mailbutler, which turns his email to Mr. Miller into a shared note. It allows Toby and Wendy to collaborate privately about the email with Mr. Miller. In their correspondence, he asks her to schedule an appointment to call Mr. Miller. After a half an hour, Mailbutler notifies him that Wendy completed his set task. Later, he finds the appointment in his calendar and makes the call. 

Let Mailbutler make everything easier for you. 🧘‍♀️

Do you want to have everything as easy as Toby? Download Mailbutler for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail here and take charge of your business life. Time your messages to customers and clients perfectly and know when to relax because your emails and tasks are taken care of. ☑️

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