New: Manage your to-do’s easily with MeisterTask and Mailbutler!

Mailbutler tasks integration with Meistertask

Mailbutler + MeisterTask = team productivity turbo-charged 🚀

MeisterTask is a flexible task management tool designed with the needs of agile project teams in mind. We’re excited to let you know that Mailbutler now integrates with MeisterTask: read on and discover how you can use both apps to streamline your workflow in no time!

MeisterTask: Task Management Solution

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MeisterTask is an intuitive task management tool that helps teams to easily manage, assign and track task progress. Its flexible project boards accommodate different kind of workflows and team needs, from simple project boards, Kanban systems, and more.

meistertask interface
Task categories in MeisterTask


With MeisterTask’s integration on Mailbutler, you can easily create a seamless workflow between your inbox and your task manger.

Leverage the power of emails and task management

In modern work, email and project management go hand-in-hand. As the first step of communication, each email becomes an actionable task that is indispensable from your workflow and project planning. Team productivity can easily be impacted with app-switching, or when there’s no way of linking your inbox to-do’s to your project management app.

With our integration with MeisterTask, you can automatically sync progress of your email tasks to any project board on MeisterTask — all without leaving your inbox!

Sync the progress of your Mailbutler email tasks with meistertask


Seamless workflow between you inbox & MeisterTask project boards


🚀 With Mailbutler + MeisterTask integration, you can:

  • Attach Tasks in your emails on Apple Mail, Outlook and/or Gmail, and sync them to any of your MeisterTask projects
  • Add Follow-up Reminders to your emails and sync them with any of your MeisterTask projects
  • Edit, delete, complete your email tasks / reminders anywhere: on Mailbutler Dashboard, in your inbox, or in MeisterTask.
Attach tasks and reminders to your emails and sync them with meistertask

🙌 MeisterTask’s integration with Mailbutler lets you turn your emails into actionable to-do’s which are visible to everyone in the team. If you’re using multiple email accounts with one Mailbutler account, you can easily sync all your tasks to a shared project board without giving away your email content.

Get started with Mailbutler & MeisterTask today!

The integration between the two apps is out today and works on both Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail. Simply login to your Mailbutler Dashboard and select MeisterTask from the list of supported integrations — and you’re good to go! (More info in this knowledge base article)

We’re excited to be collaborating with the awesome team from MeisterTask — and as always, we’re more than happy to hear your feedback.

Say goodbye to endless app-switching: give our new integration a try and boost your team productivity today! 🚀

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