Activate Mail Plugins: How to enable Mail plugins in macOS Big Sur


In the Apple Mail app on mac Big Sur and later, users will need to manually activate any plugins they’ve installed. With the Big Sur-compatible version of Mailbutler installed, and before you start using your inbox with Mailbutler, you’ll need to first activate the app manually through your Apple Mail Preferences and restart Mail.

In this quick post we’ll guide you through the steps to enable your plugins on Apple Mail in macOS Big Sur and anything which might come after that.

How to activate Mail plugins in Big Sur

  1. Open Apple Mail and click Preferences…
    Apple Mail Preferences to activate Mailbutler plug-in in Big Sur
  2. Click on Manage Plug-ins in the General tab
    Apple Mail Preferences to activate Mailbutler plug-in in Big Sur
  3. Activate the plugin Mailbutler.mailbundle by checking the checkbox
  4. Click Apply and Restart Mail
    Activate Mailbutler in Apple Mail in Big Sur
  5. Open Apple Mail and start using Mailbutler!

It’s as simple as that – Mailbutler is now enabled and will start working in Apple Mail!

If you are on Big Sur (11.2.1) or later, and you don’t even see the Manage Plug-ins button, please read our article Manage Plug-ins button is gone from Apple Mail.

What’s new to Mail in macOS Big Sur?

Mail in macOS Big Sur comes with a couple of new features:

  • Get reminder suggestions in Mail which are recognised by Siri
  • New full-height sidebars which makes it easier to track your inbox
  • New symbols for apps in toolbars, sidebars and controls, some of which are shared by apps which share common tasks, such as Mail and Calender
  • Interactive notifications, on which you can click and take immediate action, such as replying to an email

Mailbutler’s extension for macOS Mail comes fully compatible with Big Sur and boosts your inbox with time-saving features such as:

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14 comments on “Activate Mail Plugins: How to enable Mail plugins in macOS Big Sur

  1. Using 10.14.1, having issues performing the upgrade, and my Manage Plug-Ins button is absent from the application.

  2. Any alternatives to Herald for Mojave?

    Herald would pop up a translucent window whenever new mail arrived. You could read the mail, delete it, mark it as junk, or open it in mail. It was great! But it won’t work in Mojave. 🙁

    1. Hello Jan,

      That’s actually a function of Mail, and you can achieve that by going to the System Preferences on your Mac, then Notifications, select Mail, and then choose “Alerts” as the form of notification you wish to receive. I just tested this myself, and when an email comes in, a pop up notification appears in the right upper corner of my screen. If I hover on that alert, “Options” appears, and I can then select “Reply, Mark as Read, or Delete”.

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