Mailbutler is ready for macOS Mojave!

Mailbutler is ready for macOS Mojave

Mo’ productive and mo’ time saved with Mailbutler 🚀

With much anticipation, Apple announced that macOS 10.14 Mojave will be available on the Mac App Store today. Since the first developer release in June, we’ve been working on bringing you the same, if not better email experience onto Mojave. Many thanks to feedback of our beta testers, we’re happy to announce that Mailbutler 2.1.4, available today, is fully compatible with macOS Mojave.


How to activate Mailbutler on the new

In the new Mail app on Mojave, users will need to manually activate plugins installed. After updating to macOS 10.14, and to start using Mail with Mailbutler, you’ll need to first activate our plug-in manually through your Preferences and restart Mail:

How to activate Mailbutler in Apple Mail

(You’ll only have to do this once after installation.)

➡️ How to activate Mailbutler on macOS Mojave’s Mail app


🌘 Dark Mode support

darkmode mailbutler
Dark Mode support in Mailbutler 2.1.4!

Late-night email checking will thankfully get a little easier with Mojave’s Dark Mode, which is fully supported by Mailbutler 2.1.4.

With Mailbutler’s work-life balance features, occasions for late-night email checking and writing will hopefully be kept to a minimum. But for night-owls and those who have to check their emails during the night, adjusting to a dark interface will be more restful for the eyes, saving you from eye strain and tiredness. Plus, Dark Mode on macOS looks absolutely stunning!

A bonus: emojis are back to Mail 🙌

For users that were saddened by our decision to remove emoijs in Mailbutler v2 — we’re delighted let you know that Emoji picker is now a built-in feature of Mail app. You’ll find the emoji button by default in your compose window:

Emojis in Apple Mail


When should you upgrade to macOS Mojave?

Like every major OS upgrade, early releases are likely to come with some shortcomings, which minor bugs are often resolved within few updates. Therefore we recommend users who rely heavily on their Mac for work and productivity to wait for a few updates before making the upgrade.

Mojave is the most exciting macOS update for our team so far as this is the first macOS with official support for Mail plugins. We welcome this decision by Apple and we can’t wait for the new possibilities this will bring to our development.

We hope you’ll enjoy the macOS Mojave with Mailbutler as much as we do. As always, if you need us you can always find us on Twitter or on Facebook. If you have technical questions or need support, visit We are always happy to help!


Your Mailbutler Team

To stay informed about Mailbutler updates, make sure to check Unpacked regularly for new content.

3 comments on “Mailbutler is ready for macOS Mojave!

  1. I’m having an issue I don’t know how to resolve.

    I now use OSX in Dark Mode.
    Most emails arrive and are treated normally by dark mode settings.

    Emails I send from my Mac (using Mail app and Mailbutler enabled,) force white backgrounds once sent, despite showing normal dark backgrounds when they are in the process of being composed.

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