New Recipient Optimized Scheduling is here!

Optimized email Scheduling

Send Later, one of Mailbutler’s most popular features, has been enhanced! It is now more convenient, user-friendly AND has a completely new capability for our Business users – Recipient Optimized Scheduling! 📧 ⏰👌

This great new functionality optimizes the sending time based on the recipient, making sure that the email lands in the their inbox when they are most likely to open it. Say goodbye to guessing the ideal send time! Mailbutler’s algorithm calculates it for you, based on the response history from each person you’ve emailed. 

What’s more, it’s now also possible to edit and customize your own default delays. If you are a regular user of the Send Later feature, you will definitely enjoy this improvement.

Want to enjoy Recipient Optimized Scheduling?

Would you like to send emails later? Download Mailbutler for Apple MailGmail or Outlook and take advantage of all its features that will help you look professional!

Are you already an Essential or Professional user of Mailbutler and would like to take advantage of the Recipient Optimized Scheduling? No problem, easily upgrade to our Business plan here!

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