Schedule Your Emails to Stay at the Top of Your Workflow (Updated 2020)

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Mailbutler’s Send Later feature allows users to delay when an email hits a recipient’s inbox. It respects their time and private life. Aside from that, it enables Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail users to stick to their own work schedules.

The appropriate time to send an email is… 🌍

Remote workers and international companies face the problem of communicating across time zones. Business hours in Australia are not business hours in Austria. However, people around the world, or even the in the same country, need to send emails despite different timezones.

Time zones aren’t the only issue. Sometimes, you may have the time now to write an email, but you need to send it later. By then, you will most likely be busy with other tasks. By scheduling and timing your emails, it simplifies all aspects of your job.

Let Mailbutler schedule when you send your emails 📅📤

If you use Apple Mail Outlook or Gmail, Mailbutler’s feature “Send Later” allows you to schedule and arrange when you send your emails. You can pick a specific date to send your email, or a distance in time after your email will be sent, for example after 7 days. If you are a regular user of the Send Later feature you can also customize your own default delays.

On top of that, you can also choose an optimized delivery for the recipient. Doing you can be sure that the email lands in the recipient’s inbox when they are most likely to open it.

Mailbutler sends the email, even if your computer is off or offline. You can also further edit the email or change the scheduled send time. You can find the message in your “Mailbutler—Scheduled” folder.

Mailbutler’s Send Later feature makes staying organized easier ✅

The Send Later feature will change the way you organize your day. Instead of planning your own schedule around other people’s business hours. Now, you can take control of when you do the work you need to do.

You don’t have to be constantly on your email, in order to do a simple task. Instead, you can use Mailbutler’s Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail feature to take charge of your own schedule. At the same time, you control exactly when your audience receives your email.

Schedule a demo here to try this feature, and others offered in the Mailbutler plugin for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail.

2 comments on “Schedule Your Emails to Stay at the Top of Your Workflow (Updated 2020)

  1. Hi. If I’m copying an email using the Cc field to someone on the west coast of North America and someone in the UK, how can I schedule the email to go to each person at a different time (for me) so they each receive it at, say, 8:00 am their local time?

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for the message. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule one email to be sent at two different times. You would need to schedule two different emails to achieve this.
      Have a nice day, Ondrej

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