Share an inbox? Use Shared Notes to increase your team’s efficiency!

Team sharing notes

With Mailbutler’s practical Shared Notes feature you can make sure that everyone on your team has access to the same information. By using it, everyone on your team can increase productivity and efficiency.

Sharing an inbox is useful when done right 👨‍💻✉️👩‍💻

Have you ever shared your inbox with someone? Maybe with a colleague or an assistant? It can be complicated for teams sometimes cause conflicts. For example, emails can get lost because they were read by one person and left to be answered for another.

Communication is crucial to make sure every email is neither left unanswered, nor answered twice. However, when there is a lot to do with not very much time to do it in. The meetings and times for this information to be shared often get skipped.

“Shared Notes” helps you make communication easy 👍

Mailbutler makes those meetings less vital to your team’s efficiency. You can use Mailbutler’s Shared Notes feature to easily put important information, internal memos, or requests right into each other’s inboxes.

The shared note attaches directly to the email. That means you don’t need any other program or application to separately update and arrange your team’s important information. 

For example, you can write and share notes like: “Already passed this on to…” or “Presentation on this topic is completed.” That way, everyone is up-to-date on the status of your projects.

Mailbutler is here to make things easier for you 💪

What are you waiting for? Download Mailbutler for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail and raise your team’s productivity to the next level.

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