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It’s hard to keep a high-traffic email inbox organized. 📬 → 📭

Just because email has made communication more accessible, it hasn’t necessarily become more efficient. The daily barrage of emails that need response use up a significant time block. Even the most disciplined and organized among us can spend hours sorting and replying to messages.

All of these conversations and information can get in the way of doing what is most important: getting our work done.

That’s what Mailbutler is here for: to make sure tools like email remain useful, and not overwhelming. With Mailbutler’s Snooze feature for Apple Mail and Outlook, staying productive has become much easier.

What is Snooze? And why is it useful? ⏰

Snooze is a Mailbutler feature for Apple Mail and Outlook. It allows you to temporarily remove emails from the inbox, until you are ready to respond.

When you press snooze on an email, the message disappears until a time and date that you set. When it reappears, it shows up like a new email.

This allows your inbox to stay clear. You can hit snooze on some emails, and focus on responding to the messages that are the most pressing. You deal with those, get back to work, and a few hours, a day, or even a few days later, the email resurfaces.

Snooze works perfectly for people with busy inboxes. Often, high-traffic email accounts are sorted and labelled by importance. Once its labelled, that message can get lost in a long queue of emails. Hitting snooze is another way to prioritize your conversations without wasting time digging through your inbox or forgetting to respond to a message. Make sure to also check out our Complete Guide on How to Clean Up Your Inbox.

Some jobs tend to bring a particularly high volume of emails on Mondays and Fridays. Snooze allows you to deal with those messages throughout the week with a simple, automated feature that does the work for you.

Snooze is designed to help you prioritize and schedule how and when you communicate, so that you can stay productive on other tasks when you need to be.

How does it work?

This feature is incredibly easy to use: A small icon will appear above each email. You can choose to have it resurface later in the day, tomorrow, later this week, on the weekend, or at a custom date and time.

Snooze feature in Apple Mail

What happens if you want to respond to an email before it is set to reappear? Go to the inbox within Apple Mail and click on the “Mailbutler – Snoozed” folder. There you will have access to all of the messages that you snoozed. If you get ahead of schedule, you can unsnooze emails before they resurface on their own.

Mailbutler snoozed folder in Apple Mail

Snooze, and become more productive. 🙌

This feature exists for you to use it in whatever way you want. That being said, you can press the snooze button strategically, to get the most out of it. Here are some tips and tricks to really max out Snooze’s productive value:

  • Open an email and ask yourself: “when do I need to answer this?” Snooze the email until then.
  • Reply to short emails in the morning, and snooze longer replies for the afternoon.
  • Snooze emails to clear your inbox. Then focus on the tasks that matter now.

These three tricks can help you:

  • feel less stress about a busy, full inbox.
  • get your inbox to be beautifully empty.
  • receive emails when you’re ready to respond to them.
  • increase your productivity by focusing on what matters.

Want to try Mailbutler’s Snooze feature for Apple Mail and Outlook?

We prepared a more detailed, step-by-step set of instructions here. Check them out, hit snooze, and jump into a more productive day.

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