The Benefits of Using GIFs in Emails

Add GIFs to your emails to drive engagement

Writing emails now goes beyond the text

GIFs are dynamic and engaging opportunities to enhance your emails. GIFs add value to your email.

How many times do we receive an email and never look past the first few lines? Call-to-actions and informational newsletters end up being distractions that we tend to ignore. Even though, the content is appealing.

Basically, If you are the one writing those emails, you may be searching for ways to draw people in. Pictures and videos break up monotonous lines of text and add humor and lightness to otherwise run-of-the-mill messages.

Embedding videos works sometimes but the format not always supported by all email providers. They take time, and sometimes even money to produce.

GIFs – Your favorited video clips, on a loop

GIFs are short video clip that are on set on a loop. They are also in a self-contained frame. They allow users to convey emotions that text or static images may not be able to accomplish.

Using GIFs helps emails look and feel more alive; they attract more attention and encourage readers to become more engaged.

They are also currently quite the trend. The millennial generation has grown up with this feature, so they know how to use them and appreciate the effects that they have.

These looping videos have proven their value in marketing contexts. Studies show that emails containing GIFs are 6% more likely to be opened. While they are 42% more likely to gain clicks for an email’s embedded links. Emails with GIFs also showed a 103% increase in conversion rate, and a 109% increase in revenue for the company sending them. 

A little GIF etiquette goes a long way

✅ Appropriately use GIFs:

  • When communicating with colleagues to have a little fun. It helps lighten the mood! 😜
  • In community engagement with a young adult audience. They are run-of-the-mill millennial speak.
  • To make a product stand out and emphasize a particular message. If a picture says a thousand words, how many more do GIFs say? 🤩

❌ Best to avoid GIFs:

  • When talking about more serious topics like Finance or Accounting. 🏦
  • To lighten the mood when the mood needs to be more serious.
  • If the images are very busy and thus hard to see when looped rapidly.
  • When you have already used five other GIFs in the same email. Too much of a good thing… 😵

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  1. One hiccup I found. When I click on the Giphy icon and input a search item (like “Birthday”), I only have access to 4 GIFs. There is no way to scroll to see what other “Birthday” GIFs are available. I have to go to and scroll though the available GIFs there and then paste the icon link into Mail. Seems to me the link within Apple Mail is lacking!

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